A glowing review from Matt Owen highlights how anyone can benefit from a bike fit from the experts at Cyclefit. It obviously worked as Matt took the win at Nat B Hog Hill race a few weeks later!

"Having not had a proper bike fit done for over 2 years, I went along to Cyclefit to make sure I was in the right position... It would be straightforward - or so I thought! I ended up spending over 4 hours with Phil and the team. My position was just one of many things we worked on. We looked at my pedal stroke and where I was laying down the power, how I was distributing my weight on the seat and bars, as well as how I could make myself a little more aerodynamic.

With those things sorted or at least some discussion (a lot of discussion) on how I could perfect all the above, Phil then set about getting my feet right. With supposedly the highest arch he'd ever seen, we had to put some moulded inner soles in to make my feet more secure. We then worked to get my cleat position right so I was able to put that power down through the vertical.

It was one of the best and most beneficial 4 hours I've spent with my bike this year. I'd been having some knee problems and those were almost immediately eliminated, I can now ride harder for longer (very important when trying to take on a Nat B or those 5 hill Sunday rides.)

Any Dynamo that hasn't ridden up to Covent Garden to see Phil at the team are seriously missing out. They'll make you faster as well as more comfortable. Thanks to the club for organising."