Jamie Francis

Sam Christy

Ray Wilson

Joe Murray

Ian Paine

Paul Hollingsworth

DS: Giles Porter

Ast: Katie Gill

We had a plan, get in the break at all cost. Easier said than done when you’re up against hitters from Bike Channel Canyon and Team Wiggins. So it began, the guys working together trying to cover anything that looked dangerous – that being just about anything that went off the front.

Lap 1 and 2, Joe is riding aggressively, getting into a move of 6 that looked like it could be the one…

Joe, white helmet, 5th wheel going with a move from eventual winner Rory Townsend and 3rd place Damo Clayton. Jamie a bit further back, white helmet.

Sam getting in a move with ex-Dynamo Barney.

Joe getting in a strong looking move – I thought this could be the one.

Loads more efforts from the guys but it was lap 3 when Jamie saw a group drift off the front, he’s on it and in there, turning himself inside out to stay with this elite group. A chase group comes out from the bunch and Ray has made the cut. The leaders with Jamie have 24s over the chase group with Ray and a minute to the bunch. It’s job done for the Dynamo, now the hard part – stating in the break until the finishing hill.

Lap 4 and there’s some sorting of the leaders and chase group that leaves a group of 12 out front, Jamie has made it. Ray “I was in the red and there are no more colours after that” had to surrender to the chasing peloton at 50s

Lap  5 and it’s starting to get hot, Jamie drops back to a group of 8, a minute down on the leaders with the bunch a further 1’45” down.

Final lap plus the finishing hill. Eventual winner Rory Townsend attacks the break, followed by team mate Alex Richardson 20s back with a group of 7 chasers at 50s. Into the finale and the break is splitting up, the peloton is shattered into ones and twos as the mile of pain that is White Hill takes its toll. RP Rouleur Damian Clayton does the ride of his life to take 3rd. Barney is 30s back in 7th.

Ray comes in 23rd, Sam 27th, Paul 32nd, Ian struggling with an unseated tubeless tyre and Jamie, a drained hollow shell after his breakaway adventure, come in with the back markers. Joe pulled out, frazzled and frustrated with his efforts after missing the winning move – what would have been if luck had fallen his way? Other DNFs included ex-Dynamo Tom and Alex Paton of Madison- Genesis.

1st – Rory, 2nd Alex, 3rd Damian.

The results may not show it but the team rode superbly, really committing 100%, active in breaks and chases, up against stronger riders. It was a testament to their performance that winner Rory came up to congratulate the guys afterwards.

Thanks go to Katie Gill supporting the team on the day. The Dynamo committee and membership for their continued support. Plus bike fitting by www.cyclefit.co.uk, @CyclefitUK