And so the annual misery and pain of the Hill Climb is over.
This year's amphitheatre of Agony was Leith Hill. 1.4km at 8% for the record... and it felt worse.
Conditions were brisk but dry and over 30 'Mos decided to take on the challenge and try out their best pain faces with other members volunteering to help or merely coming along to laugh and point at the hurt being laid down by Surrey's highest hill.

Congrats to the following riders who clearly don't eat as much cheese and crisps as they should:


1st Joe Murray
2nd Marcos Hadley (who took the less popular 'ditch route')
3rd Adam P


1st Lillian Choy
2nd Rachel Francis
3rd Katie Gill


1st Jacob Wojcik
2nd Eddie Caldas
3rd Grace Reynolds

Exciting contests all round with some great performances from the mountain goats.
Thanks very much to Mark, Lillian and Paul for organising and for their team for volunteers that enabled this to happen. And well done to all the riders who took part!

(please note the writer of this post is very bad at Hill Climbs so please forgive the editorial stance)