Gavin Ryan takes us through why a session with CycleFit was well worth it:

I attended my fit on the 20th April with technician Jimmy Wilson. With over 16 years of racing experience you would think I've surely got my bike set up by now and don't need one, but I have to say I was quite impressed by the service I received. 

The main reasons I wanted to go was:

A - confirmation (or not) whether I've set myself up to be the most efficient I can be on my bike.
B - wanting to be absolutely certain of correct frame size. As some of you know I own many Giant bikes and some are ML and the others M. Both sizes feel great to me.
C - a recurring saddle discomfort - you know what I'm talking about...

After a brief interview all the measurements that could possibly affect the way you ride your bike were taken and it lasted about 3 hours. It was immediately noted that the fact my right leg is shorter than my left leg could be the reason for 'C' above. We added a 3mm spacer under my right cleat and the results of the saddle pressure mapping on the screen were obvious. It has since eradicated the problem. 

Most people don't know their foot arch / height measurements (why would you!) We did the custom footbed moulds and although strange at first, they do feel great now knowing your foot is fully supported, knee tracking improved, better stability and therefore improved power transfer.

Overall, it turns out my pedaling style and setup was quite good, this confirmation was helped by the laser and camera setup they have to monitor you. But like most, I've been sitting too high. I have dropped my saddle but not to the suggested height because after three weeks of feeling like I was on a kids bike I had to make the compromise and split the difference. It feels great now. 

I'm going to stick to my two frame sizes for now because I love the smaller frame for criterium racing and the slightly longer top tube of the bigger frame for road races. When I eventually splash out on the new frame though it will be the smaller.

Thanks team!

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