Passion is in no short supply when it comes to bike riding. And being a cycling club that is involved in all aspects of the sport, we certainly feel this in abundance.

What started as an outlet for a few friend’s racing aspirations grew to a vibrant and formidable sized club whose membership mirrors the diversity and energy of the city within which we live.

Lifelong friendships have been forged on the weekly club runs, where stopping for a tea can be as important as thrashing each other up Box Hill. These connections resonate with what we love about cycling, the story after the event is sometimes even better than the event itself!

Clubs are built on the foundation of its membership, and ours feels rock solid. With those strong foundations we have been able to support more young riders, stage better events, support local leagues, form better relationships with local communities and enjoy a fantastic and supportive network of like minded folk.

Building on what we learn, giving of our time or expertise and simply enjoying what we do, this is London Dynamo.