London Dynamo’s roots stretch back to the early 1990s when friends gathered together to create an informal club centered on bike racing. The name London Dynamo was settled on, redolent of the tough, gritty road riders of Eastern Europe and teams such as Moscow Dynamo and Dynamo Kiev.

In 2003 the club introduced its iconic black, blue and orange kit and set about turning growing into one of the largest and most successful cycling clubs in the country.

The club has been built on the foundation of its membership, and we have been able to support more young riders, stage better events, support local leagues, form better relationships with local communities and enjoy a fantastic and supportive network of cyclists.

Cycle sport and friendliness remain firmly at the centre of the club’s identity. The club’s original Saturday Park Ride and Sunday Surrey Hills run continue to this day. Building on what we learn, giving of our time or expertise and simply enjoying what we do, this is London Dynamo.