Club group rides suspended

An important update from your Committee regarding the Coronavirus

We regret to announce that, with effect from 16 March 2020, the Committee has decided to suspend all London Dynamo Club rides.

This follows the quickening pace of this pandemic, particularly in London, and the Government’s most recent advice to ‘avoid all non-essential social contact’.

Obviously this is not a decision we take lightly but we are minded to adhere to our social responsibility and to medical advice. This action has been backed by medical practitioners and professionals who are members of our club - including a doctor who specialises in infectious diseases.

Members may of course choose to ride by themselves - and the Government has suggested we keep exercising (but keep away from others) - but please do bear in mind that medical and emergency services will be stretched and in the event of a crash the response time to the incident could be much longer than usual.

Keep safe and let's look forward to things getting to back to normal in future.

London Dynamo Committee