What is London Dynamo's Helping Out Programme (HOP)?

The HOP is how we ensure that all members contribute more-or-less equally to the fulfilling of the club’s obligations arising from its affiliation to British Cycling, the Surrey League, Cycling Time Trials, et cetera, as well the organising of our own rides and events.  Without club-level support, these organisations and grass-roots cycle-sport would not exist and before we formalised the process, the burden fell on a few committed members.

Early each year we work out what events and rotas we have to support for the following 12 months and then ask members to commit to helping at them.  It is not arduous but does require a few hours of your time plus your commitment to attend the event(s) / rota turn(s) that you select.

Most members see HOP in a positive light and enjoy doing their bit and meeting / spending time with other members. If you are worried that you are missing out on ride-time, consider riding out to marshal one of our road races in Surrey.

A small number of members have dispensation* (eg some students) but are still obliged to register under the relevant exemption category.

HOP is launched with a Dynamo newsletter and on the forum with links to the registration system.

What do I have to do?

The options vary year to year, but typically include:

  • Surrey League Road Races- marshalling, catering, signing on or driving.
  • London Dynamo Road Race, our Time Trials, our Hill Climb and our Club Championships – similar duties to the above.
  • Herne Hill Open Day- London Dynamo hosts Herne Hill Velodrome’s May open meeting.
  • Race Team Assistant ‘Directeur Sportif’ - assist our Race Team manager to support our racers at ‘National B’ races.
  • Club Ride Rotas - Park Rides / Newcomers’ Rides, Sunday Rides and Juniors Park Rides – turns at marshalling and/or riding during a 12 month period.
  • Crystal Palace Criteriums– marshalling on Tuesday summer nights.
  • Club management – as a Committee member, manager of an event / rota or other designated role.

*What if I am Under 18; Under 23 and in full time education outside London; a Distant Member?

If you have registered with us as being within one of these categories, you are not required to help out, but you are still required to register on the programme as a member with dispensation under the appropriate category.

Can I pay more and not have to help out?

Although we’d rather you got involved with club events, we understand that not everyone’s lifestyle enables them to. We have, therefore, a very limited number of No Helping Out dispensations available on a first come, first served basis (£100 for 2021).  Numbers are reduced as members who paid for 2020 dispensation have been rolled to 2021.  By opting and registering for this, you contribute to the running of club activities in a different way.

Named Member of our National Race Team

We are proud of our club’s racers.  Our top-flight have to train especially hard to get a place in our squad.  And often travel out of region to represent us in National B competition.  We gladly spare them additional time to formally help out.

What if I joined the club part of the way through the year?

Do not worry if you joined the club part of the way through the year; we will be in touch with you to ask you to sign up and explain the process.

What if I sign up for an event but then find that I cannot attend?

We understand that plans change but if this happens to you, please let your event manager know as soon as possible and you must accept responsibility to find a replacement. Non-attendance/not finding a replacement puts events at risk of cancellation and is very bad for the club’s reputation.  It is also likely to lead to an inquiry and possible sanction.

What if I do not help out over the course of the year?

If you do not help out, you may be sanctioned, and find that your membership renewal application for the following year is refused.  This is at the committee’s discretion. It is very possible you will not be reminded to Help Out, nor warned if you have overlooked to register or failed to show at your nominated event / rota. So do be vigilant.

What if I have a question that is not dealt with above?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Harknett (paul.harknett@londondynamo.co.uk).

Lastly, if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the HOP, please let us know.

March 2021