London Dynamo’s roots stretch back to the early 1990s when friends Phil Cavell and Julian Wall, then of Bikepark and now of Cyclefit, gathered various acquaintances together to create an informal club centred on bike racing.  Their aim was for the club to be supportive and welcoming in marked contrast to many clubs at that time who often treated newcomers with disdain.  The club’s original Saturday Park Ride and Sunday Surrey Hills run continue to this day – the latter faithfully following a ‘best of’ route so that newcomers and weaker riders would know where they were and what lay ahead.

British Cycling Federation rules prevented the club being called Bikepark so Phil and Jules settled on ‘London Dynamo’, a name redolent of the tough, gritty road men of Eastern Europe and teams such as Moscow Dynamo and Dynamo Kiev.  Time Out was the club’s first jersey sponsor.

A rule change in the mid-1990s saw London Dynamo replaced by Bikepark but in 2003, as Bikepark fizzled out, members Paul Callinan, Russell Short and Guy Andrews resurrected London Dynamo, with Phil and Julian’s blessing (and with Cyclefit’s sponsorship), introduced its iconic black, blue and orange kit and set about turning it into one of the largest and most successful clubs in the country.

Cycle sport and friendliness remain firmly at the centre of the club’s identity.