Nothing quite beats the exhilarating experience of being part of a bike-racing pack.

Riding literally inches from those around you and even closer to those in front, you charge around closed circuits, open roads and technical criterium courses with your heart in your throat and your legs on fire!

Hanging on for dear life on the hills, flying down narrow descents, jumping out of dead turns, clattering over rough road, snaking through twisty sections, and all done as part of one massive colourfest of rider and machine hell-bent on finishing upright and "up there".

When the hammer drops, it's everything you can do to hold the wheel in front. Never mind who's behind - just hammer as hard as you can! Scenery? Forget it. Conversation? You're going way too hard to talk. But move out of line and you'll be yelled at no matter what the speed - after all, it's up to you to keep your place in the pack and ride safe.

At London Dynamo you'll find many of us addicted to road racing. And with the season beginning in February and ending in late October, there's plenty on offer to satisfy our addiction. London boasts probably the best road racing scene in the country, quite simply due to the number of riders who race here regularly and the variety of races available.

To the south you'll find the Surrey League run by ex-pro Keith Butler, and in Kent the South East Road Racing League, both hosting races throughout the season. During the summer there is closed circuit racing on Tuesday nights both at Hillingdon in Hayes and Crystal Palace in south east London.