There's a plethora of sportives abroad and in Britain, many of which a London Dynamo has at one time or other ravaged their body to complete.

This wealth of suffering and ecstasy provides, through the club and forum, a useful soundboard to assist, facilitate and offer guidance on entry, training regimes, experiences, nutrition and general support.

Each year London Dynamo offers the opportunity for members to participate in one of our hugely successful trips to a major sportive in Europe. This is a great way to get to know your fellow Dynamates, from race-hardened elites to weekend warriors, and experience our blend of humour, camaraderie and esprit de coeur, not to mention the sumptuous feasting that is part and parcel of Dynamo events. We can help and provide advice if you wish to organise your own trip, either with the club or another organisation (we have, for instance, a great relationship with GPM10). There are also numerous expeditions, either to ride or witness the pros in action, which are posted on the forum.

Of course, whatever the sportive, you will take part resplendent in London Dynamo kit, acting as both ambassador and advertisement for the club's character and demeanour.