Following on from the strength of our road team, London Dynamo has ventured into the time trialing scene at local and national levels.

We are members of London West, and with good courses on our doorstep you are guaranteed to get a ride every week from March until October. You'd be surprised how many Dynamos actually time trial but prefer to keep it hush-hush...

Time trials range from 10 to 100 miles - everyone should at least have a go at a '25' and try to beat the elusive hour before hanging up their wheels. Unlike bunch racing, you race yourself, which allows people of all levels and ages to compete. Everyone is always chasing their personal best as well as the competitor one minute up the road.

If you are interested in starting, take a look at, which has all the entry forms and event dates To get the entry addresses, you will need to buy the famous handbook from the site.