Join London Dynamo

We want everyone wearing club kit to be safe, to be great ambassadors for cycling and to preserve our excellent reputation out on the road. So, we ask all prospective members to attend a Newcomers Ride, whatever your previous experience (see FAQs below for exemptions).

Newcomers will ride and meet with club members, and we will have an opportunity to ensure all newcomers are up to the right standard, with the right equipment. We will explain what you will get from the club and what the club expects from you.

The Newcomers Ride takes place in Richmond Park on the first Saturday of each month. As a general guideline, you will need to be capable of doing three continuous laps of Richmond Park in less than 1 hour 15 minutes; slower but safe riders may still join but may find fewer riders to join them on rides. You will also need to be confident riding in close proximity to others, and by the end of the ride, in a through & off or paceline formation.

Our Ride Marshalls will ensure you get a full safety and skills briefing before you set off.
You will also be briefed on our club ethos and history, regular ride schedule, and the Helping Out Programme.

Only icy or otherwise dangerous conditions would result in cancellation of the Newcomers Ride; we do not cancel for cold or rain.

London Dynamo is driven by the passion of volunteers who are committed to organising our own races and events. All members contribute to this through the Helping Out Programme. When you join London Dynamo, you will be required to help out with one event or activity per year and your commitment to help out is part of your registration.

Join London Dynamo, where cycling excellence, safety, and camaraderie unite to create an unforgettable experience.

Joining process:

  • Email Membership to register your interest.
  • Book and complete a Newcomers Ride.
  • After the Newcomers Ride, you will receive an email notification from our Membership Secretary with further instructions.
  • Voila! You are now a proud member of London Dynamo.

Engaging with Our Members:

  • We would love you to keep up with everything the club is doing so please follow us today.
  • Instagram / X twitter / Facebook / Strava
  • When you receive your joining instructions, you will be able to access our members-only Forum, WhatsApp and Discord groups.
  • Zwift, don’t forget to join our club on the Zwift Companion app.



What are your yearly membership fees?

  • Seniors (over 24 adult) £75/year
  • Students (under 23 or in full time education) £35/year
  • Juniors (under 18) £35/year
  • Distant* £35/year (see FAQ below)

What kit will I need to buy?

As a member you will need to buy and ride in at least one piece of club kit from our online store. Most members will invest in a club jersey or a gilet to start off. We are proud to claim that our club kit is manufactured by LeCol.

How do I apply as a Junior (under 18)?

Please email Membership and enquire about our separate Juniors joining and induction process.

Can I skip the Newcomers Ride?

You can join without doing a Newcomers Ride if you hold a British Cycling 3rd category or better racing license. Equivalent international riding qualifications also apply. Please email Membership. On an exceptional basis, where you are unable to commit to any published Saturday ride, we may be able to arrange an individual assessment.

Where and what time is the Newcomers Ride?

On the first Saturday of each month, by invitation only. The club meets at the Pen Ponds Cafe car park in Richmond Park at the following seasonal dates & times.

07:45 February: 4th Saturday to March: 3rd Saturday
07:30 March: 4th Saturday to October: 2nd Saturday
08:30 October: 3rd Saturday to February: 3rd Saturday

When do you process my payment?

Once you have been approved by our Membership Secretary, your first Direct Debit payment will be taken. If you did not set up a Direct Debit mandate during registration, you will be invited to do so, and your membership is not valid until the mandate is in place. Membership runs for 12 months from the date on which you are approved, or the date on which your Direct Debit mandate is in place if you did not create it when you signed up.

How fast is the Newcomers ride? How fit will I need to be?

Our Newcomers Ride is not a race (we never race the weekly Park Ride), and is not a fitness test, although a basic level of fitness is required to complete the three laps of Richmond Park without stopping. We would typically expect riders to be able to complete the three laps in less than 1 hour 15 minutes. Prospective members are divided into similar ability groups so you will be riding with others at a similar pace. Don’t worry, we always ride at the pace of the slowest rider in the group, and we never leave anyone behind.

Are there any other requirements?

New members should be safe and reasonably experienced cyclists who are confident riding in close proximity to others.

  • Have a road bike with clipless pedals (no hybrids, no mountain bikes and no tri-bars) and a helmet.
  • Be able to fix a puncture by the side of the road.
  • Be able to reach for a water bottle, drink from it and put it back while not looking at it.
  • Be able to complete a 30km non-stop ride in a group
  • Be comfortable riding in a group of riders in wet conditions

If we think that you are not fit enough to keep up with our group rides, you may be asked to train further before attending another Newcomers' Ride. Please do not be offended if this happens as it is done to ensure you can ride with the Club should you join.

How do I qualify as a Distant member?

A distant member must live a minimum 25km radius outside of Hampton Court Bridge and only very occasionally ride with the club.

Is Helping Out compulsory?

Yes, all members are required to register for the Helping Out Programme. Options include marshalling at club events and leading regular rides. Only juniors, distant members and members in full time education are exempt.

How do I learn how to ride in formation?

On all our our club rides, we ride in groups of up to eight riders in through & off (also known as a chaingang) or paceline formations. They are relatively easy to master, great fun and making riding much more efficient. Please click the links above to watch excellent instructional videos on how to ride in a group. Don't worry if you have any questions, your fellow riders or Ride Marshalls would be delighted to help you master these techniques.