London Dynamo is known as a road cycling club.  Riding with us will enable you to improve your cycling skills (i.e. group riding, cornering, descending etc), get fitter and faster and have fun.

Our female members usually ride alongside men on the rides listed on Our Rides page. We also organise women-only group rides once a month.

For more information or if you have any further questions, please contact us via [email protected]

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.


Qs & As 

How do I  join London Dynamo ?
1. Complete a Newcomers' Ride
2. Register online afterwards (subject to approval)
3. Payment will be taken by Direct Debit (once your approval has been confirmed)

Do I have to wear LD kit?
Club kit of some sort is compulsory for our rides, so you'll also need at least a jersey. This lets other members know that you are one of us and deters non-members (who will not be in LD kit) from joining our groups.

Where can I get LD kit from?
If you join the club, you can buy kit through our website. The kit is good quality (made by Sportful who also supply some of the professional teams) and sold at close to cost (i.e. much cheaper than in the shops).

Who can I talk to about LD?
[email protected] We are very happy to answer any questions.

Do I have to race?
No. Although many members love racing, many do not race at all (and never have). But if you want to race (whether road, track, cyclocross or time-trial) the club will support and encourage you.  Some of our members race to a high standard (such as age-group national champions) and many ex-members moved on to teams.

Who can I speak to about starting to race?
You can speak to anyone who races (male or female) and our ladies secretary would be happy to help. Contact us at [email protected]

Do I need a race bike and clip in pedals?
Yes. Clip in pedals (also known as ‘clipless’ pedals because they replaced old-fashioned toe clip straps) are safer and help you to pedal faster and more smoothly.

What opportunities are there for me to improve my riding?
All our rides will give you an opportunity to improve your riding. Most members will be happy to give you guidance if you ask. We encourage all riders to attend a novice racing skills training day (completion of 2 training days is compulsory for racing in the Surrey League) – these days are well worth doing even if you have no intention of racing. In the summer the club hires a coach for mid-week sessions in Richmond Park.

What other rides does London Dynamo do?
We usually we ride with the men. Apart from the weekly Saturday Park Ride, we have Wednesday evening rides (in the park or out to Chertsey), Tuesday and Thursday morning rides to Windsor, and Sunday rides out to Windsor or the Surrey Hills.  There are often faster and steadier groups.  Details are on the website on the 'Our Rides' page.

Who can I talk to about the Club?
We are very happy to answer any questions. Contact us at [email protected]