London Dynamo is built upon four core values.

They are at the heart of everything we do.


  • We are cyclists with a competitive edge.
  • We support and motivate each other to improve fitness, skills, speed and performance in competitive and non-competitive cycling.


  • We are an inclusive club.
  • We understand that we must work hard to make the club available to those wanting to develop in the sport.
  • We create and nurture an environment for like-minded cyclists to meet, collaborate and compete with each other in activities and events.
  • We provide support and camaraderie and experience plus opportunities for members to challenge, grow and develop.
  • We provide a pathway for young riders through to the main club.
  • We support and collaborate with the wider cycling community.
  • We promote riding standards, skills, behaviour and etiquette.


  • We are a well run club that takes its commitments seriously.
  • We act in an open and honest manner.
  • We have respect for each other and for everyone on and off the bike.
  • We adhere to British Cycling rules and regulations.
  • We support charitable causes.
  • We support injured members.
  • We take complaints seriously.


  • We are passionate about cycling.
  • Our enthusiasm drives us to inspire and do better.
  • We encourage a fun environment in an exciting, vibrant and challenging sport.