The rides below are for adult club members only.

To find out how junior members can participate in junior club rides, please contact us here.


Our most popular weekly ride, held in Richmond Park for more than 20 years. Groups of 8 ride four anticlockwise laps of the park’s road circuit (approximately 26 miles/42 km) in through-and-off formation. It’s a great way to learn or hone your group riding skills.

Park Park Rides meet at Pen Ponds Cafe car park at the seasonal times below:

07:45 February: 4th Saturday to March: 3rd Saturday
07:30 March: 4th Saturday to October: 2nd Saturday
08:30 October: 3rd Saturday to February: 3rd Saturday

Saturdays also host our Dynamellow ride at the same meeting point, starting half an hour after the main Saturday Park Ride above. These rides are for members who would prefer to ride at a slower, less competitive pace. Ideal for newcomers, slower riders, those recovering from injury, or members putting new skills into practice. Oh, did we mention it's also only three laps. This ride has an absolute 'no drop' policy.


Surrey Hills and Windsor weekly rides. Cyclists need a regular long endurance ride to improve fitness. This is ours. Depending on the weather and the members who turn up that day, there are usually groups heading out to Windsor or the Surrey Hills and sometimes even further afield! Distances average 50-62 miles/80-100km. On select Sundays, you will also find non-drop groups heading off to the same destinations but with a 'no one left behind mantra', ideal for newcomers or anyone who has never ridden that distance before. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink and energy food. The midway point is a stop at a friendly cafe for a well earned sticky bun, coffee and friendly banter.

Sunday Rides meet each week at 8.30am at Hampton Court train station car park.

Sundays also host our Sunday Surrey Explorer rides. The focus of these rides will be to ride varied flat and/or hilly routes across Surrey and will be paced at a slower steady pace. The clue is in the title, they are designed to explore and enjoy our beautiful Surrey countryside. Wait at the top, no drop style ride. Typical distances of 50 miles/80km and includes cafe stop. Same departure point and start time as the regular Sunday Ride above.


For those lucky few who don’t need to be at work... or prefer not to. Known to its disciples as the 'Slackers Ride'. The destination can vary but is usually Surrey Hills on a Tuesday and Windsor on a Thursday. Pace is steady, though faster riders can be accommodated in split groups, and the rides include a cake stop. Distances are approximately 50 miles/80km.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30am. Meet at Dish Cafe opposite Hampton Court Train Station.


A professional British Cycling affiliated coach holds targeted training sessions in Richmond Park for racers and non-racers, fast or steady riders alike. An excellent way to reap big fitness gains – and the sessions are totally free to our members.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm, May to September. Meeting point always in or around Richmond Park, but exact location varies weekly. Check the Forum.


Richmond Park laps when daylight permits. Also known as the 'WNR'. Chertsey loop during darker months. Wednesdays, 7:00pm. A midweek hard workout for experienced riders and racers. More than one group if numbers allow. Broom waggon when possible. Approximately 28 miles/45 km. Bring lights.


Whether you prefer women-only rides or mixed group rides, or even a bit of both, the choice is entirely yours.

For those who are already members, we aim to organise a women-only ride once per month, details of which are shared in the women's London Dynamo WhatsApp group which you will get access to upon joining the club. If you haven’t, please email us and we will make sure you are added. This WhatsApp group is also used regularly to communicate other ad-hoc plans and find people to ride with.

Throughout the year, we also aim to host a couple of women's open days in which women who are not currently members can take the opportunity to join a women-only ride with us, usually followed by a coffee and socialising at a local cafe.

For more information about our women's rides, please contact us our Women's Captain.


To understand how, as a junior member (aged 16-18 with those in their 14th -16th year by exception) you might attend a club ride, contact us here


Throughout the year we ride both socially and participate in some of the major Zwift racing leagues. Please check out this page for more information.

If interested, please contact our Zwift rides organiser.