London Dynamo is one of the country's largest cycling clubs and is rooted in a rich heritage of road racing. We encourage & empower members to continually enhance their riding abilities, whether they are beginners, aspiring riders, competitive athletes, or anything in between.

We are committed to championing diversity and inclusivity within the club. Every individual is valued for their uniqueness and equality. We welcome everyone irrespective of age, fitness level, experience, gender, sexuality, race, nationality, beliefs and socio-economic circumstances, all bound together by a shared passion.

Our extensive range of club rides, races and social events provides a platform for sharing the skills, ethos and techniques of cycling. We support and motivate each other to improve fitness, skills speed and performance in both competitive and non-competitive cycling.

Learning and development are at the heart of why cyclists choose London Dynamo. Sharing knowledge is embedded in our club ethos, creating an environment where questions are encouraged, and a wealth of members eager to offer their expertise and guidance. Joining us for club rides means you'll not only experience the joy of cycling but also gain valuable insights, techniques, and the racing spirit.

We actively participate in road cycling, time trials, track events, and sportives. Our core discipline covers road cycling, catering to everyone from novices all the way to elite athletes. We have a handpicked squad for National B events, and our broader membership spans all levels of racing.

Our women's section is vibrant and supportive, offering a wealth of information on our dedicated women's page. We are also very active as a club in Zwift, organising both social and training rides as well as participating in various online racing leagues. A full list of the wealth of rides that we organise can be found here.

But it's not just about the pedal power; we thrive on a lively social scene. From club socials that punctuate the year to engaging talks on skills and training, an annual awards night, and, of course, those much-needed cafe stops.


Find out how you can join London Dynamo and read about our monthly newcomers ride which take place in Richmond Park.

If you would like more information on any other subject or would like to ask a question, please send us an email.



Andy Taylor

Jeremy Bradley
Club & Membership Secretary

Piers Hartland-Swann

Ben Chapman
Club Kit Manager

Ellie Cousins
Women's Captain

David Stroud
Race Events Secretary

Kirsty Wheeler
Welfare Officer

James Barrett & Ned Tapley
Social Secretaries

To Be Announced

Patrick Lowry
Sportive Secretary

David Streule
Race Team Manager

Nick Kituno
Diversity Ambassador 





Paul Harknett
Helping Out Programme 

Club shop manager
Wendy Scutt
Club Shop Fulfilment 

Richard Smith